Grapes from the Fig Tree

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Author Katharina Roth
14 × 20,5 cm
ca. 150 Pages
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Grapes from the Fig Tree

Real Transformation by the Word of God

Jesus encouraged His disciples to abide in Him—that is, in his word—as the branch abides in the vine, so that they may bring much and lasting fruit to the glory of the Father. Many of us Christians however see ourselves rather in the picture of the fig tree that had nothing to offer but leaves, when Jesus was approaching it to find some fruit.
Can a withered fig tree ever become a fruitful vine? Indeed it can. But so that the “fruitless fig tree” after the New Birth not just turns into a branch without grapes, a real transformation is needed.
This book provides the steps towards this goal in a lucid, concise and sometimes humorous form. The practical instructions are so open and easy that they can be put into practice immediately and without any superhuman effort.




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